Martian Gothic: Unification


Walkthrough and FAQ v0.001 *BETA*

Martian Gothic: Unification(c)
FAQ released on 05/07/00

This FAQ was made for the simple reason there are none yet and this is a very
hard game! Enjoy what I have so far (as I'm just about halfway through I 
believe), and expect an update soon!

- - - - REVISION HISTORY - - - -

05/06/00 - Version 0.001 BETA - FAQ is released for public consumption.

05/04/00 - Version 0.000 ALPHA - FAQ is created after hours of playing Martian Gothic: Unification.

- - - -Enough Stupid Stuff, Let's Rock - - - -

Martian Gothic: Unification is best described as a interactive horror game much 
like the Resident Evil series. There are a few catches (the most obvious being 
you're on Mars, not Earth ;).

- - Story - -
Martian Gothic (herein referred to as MG, because it'll save your mind and mine) 
occurs on a small archeological base on Mars, called Vita Base. It's purpose, to 
further support the hypothesis that life _did_ at one point live on the surface 
of this dead planet. 

A year and two weeks into the dig, the crew discovers an enigma of sorts, and 
proceeds to investigate it. From there, all hell breaks loose. A single message
leaves the station from the project director at the base, telling the 
corporation that they "have opened Pandora's box,  all the evils of old 
Mars have flown out . . ." and warning them that " . . . if you do send a manned 
mission, warn the crew . . . Stay Alone, Stay Alive . . . otherwise 

That was October 18th, 2017. It is now October 1st, 2018. A year has passed since 
the last broadcast from Vita base and just now, Allenby, the corporation
responsible for Vita base is sending a crew of three to investigate this unusual
radio silence.

You are that crew. Kenzo, Matlock, and Karne, sent to Vita Base to uncover the 
mystery of her recent radio silence, told only two things, they are to go 
through separate airlocks (Prime Directive) and to "Stay Alone, Stay Alive" 
(Secondary Directive). One problem mars (cheap pun) the mission, Vita Base has 
turned off it's landing beacon, and a wild dust storm forces Kenzo to crash land 
the ship, leaving them with only one alternative, to find out what happened in 
Vita base and re-establish radio contact, or to die up on this already dead 

- - Game Controls - -

Movement Mode (when you are not prepped for combat)

UP         - Walk forward
DOWN       - Walk backwards
LEFT       - Turn Counter-Clockwise
RIGHT      - Turn Clockwise
RIGHT Ctrl - Hold down to Run
I, F4      - Enter the inventory
F1, F2, F3 - Switch between Karne, Kenzo, and Matlock (in that order)
SPACE BAR  - Enter Combat Mode (w.o a weapon, this will shin kick)

Combat Mode (Ready, aim, SHOOT!)

UP         - Step forward
DOWN       - Step backward
LEFT       - Turn Counter-Clockwise
RIGHT      - Turn Clockwise
ENTER      - Fire weapon (reloads if weapon is empty)
LEFT Ctrl  - Aim down
RIGHT Ctrl - Shin kick
SPACE BAR  - Return to Movement Mode

- - Questions? - -
Here are some commonly asked questions I should answer before I go on (I asked these myself,
that's how I know someone else will ask, these are tough ones!)

Q: How do I save?
A: If you're like me and skipped the manual, it says on page 11 what to do. If 
   you lost the manual (like me), all you have to do is access the computer, go 
   to the Martian Madness game, and select SAVE GAME.

NOTE -  Each Martian Madness game allows 1 to 3 saves. Use them wisely! Also,
        you need to manually go to your save games folder and delete old ones
        in order to fit in new ones.

Q: Right in the beginning, I'm stuck in the director's bedroom with the first
   Zombie I meet. She keeps eating my neck before I can get out the door and now
   I'm stuck!
A: This one sucks. What you have to do is right after you free Karne, is hit the
   ESC key to skip all the speech and such. Then you should be able to just walk 
   to the door, open it, and skip on out before the she-Zombie wakes up. This is
   caused by a bug in the script Talon Soft used, in that the Zombie is set to
   wake up x number of seconds after the event is triggered, so by skipping the
   speech/cut scene, you give yourself some extra time.

Q: How do I fight the zombies without a gun?
A: You don't. You should instead run, as the shin kick is not meant to kill
   Zombies. Don't worry; you'll be able to blast their brains out soon enough.

Q: What the ****? Didn't I just kill that zombie?
A: You probably did, but here's the catch, it's a zombie. They can't die, they
   only fall down for a bit. It usually takes them 10 - 15 minutes to get up, so
   if you're fast in doing things after you kill a zombie, you can save ammo.

Q: HELP! I keep running out of ammo!
A: Wow, that sucks. Try this, instead of _always_ blasting the zombies, try
   avoiding them (the zombies in the arboretum can be dealt with in this
   fashion, as well as the zombies in most dorms and the wider hallways.) Also,
   try to avoid backtracking TOO much, only when necessary, as this will cut 
   down on encounters.

Q: What is the pass code to such-and-such?
A: I can't tell you that. The codes stay the same for each game (I believe), but
   you can use these codes without going through the right paths, which means
   you miss vital plot and maybe other items!

Q: How do I open the door?
A: What door? Huh? Be more specific when you e-mail me questions. I can't answer
   something like that.

- - Walkthrough - -

If you sit through the introduction, the character you start out with will be 
Karne. Immediately hit F2 to switch to Kenzo. First open his helmet, grab and 
use the radio to talk to everyone else. Now walk on up to the door and open it. 
Walk through to the Decontamination Room. Go ahead and use the control panel to 
contaminate yourself (no, that's not a spelling/grammatical error) Walk through 
forward more and out the door.

Welcome to the Madison Avenue corridor. Go to your characters left to get a 
tidbit about how the corridors are named (useful) and then turn around to hear a 
quirky little joke. Walk through the door and meet you first dead man. Don't 
worry, he's not getting up yet to introduce himself, so walk on by and hang a 
left at the intersection.

Search the body of the base director to get his tape recorder and key tag.
Listen to the recorder to figure out that this guy had some issues (most people
would have a hint of hysteria to their voice at the time he recorded). Turn
around and go through the door, walking forward to meet the magical floating

Now hang a left and use the door with the key tag the director had. Enter on in 
and notice the dead person on the left. Go on up to her and take the ammo from 
her (don't worry, she won't miss it). Notice the vac tubes on the right rear 
wall and the locked dresser on the left front wall. Go up to the computer on the 
right front wall and use it with the recorder to get the password and access to 
the computer.

Listen to the project director's emergency message to Earth and take a moment to 
think about the deathtrap these poor three people have walked into. I pity them. 
Anyway, read through the public documents for some background info on what has 
happened here, and read the local files for some item locations.

When you feel up to it, select "Door Controls" from the menu and open up the 
decontamination room door for good old Karne. Be ready, because after you do 
that, the she-Zombie isn't too happy, so now would be a good time to book it out 
the door! After you leave the room, switch over to Karne (F1).

Go through the airlock door into the decontamination room; use the control
panel, and then exit. Follow the corridor until Karne remarks that his watch has 
stopped. This is _very_ important! Now keep walking down the hall until you spot 
a hatch. Go ahead and open it with the number on your watch. Grab the green tag 
and health boost. Stash in here your silver bullet and wrapper.

Turn to your left and walk over to the vac tubes. Use them, and then put the 
green tag inside. Press the up arrow and away they go! Switch back to Kenzo now.

As Kenzo, walk through the door opposite of the magical floating zombie, and 
keep going straight through the next. Stop by the hatch just past the second 
door to grab a health booster (just in case that zombie messed with you need 
it), and stash his photo and fruit in here. Now hang a left and follow the 
corridor all the way to the end, where you should see a vac tube. Use it and hit
the down arrow to get the green tag Karne sent. Backtrack in this corridor a bit 
to about halfway, where there is a door that requires the green tag. Use it and 
enter into the gym.

After sobbing a bit over the suicide in front of you, go to your right and grab 
the deflated thing and open the bicycle, being sure to grab the drive belt. Now 
go up to our unfortunate victim and grab everything on her and under her. Examine 
the notes and you'll get a paper clip. You should also have gotten another green 
tag (did the people who designed this system like green? Nah . . . ;)

Backtrack to the vac tube and send your new green tag to Karne (in case you 
forgot, that's use the vac tube, place the item you want in, hit the up arrow).
Now, switch back to Karne and grab the tag out of the tube. Back track back to
the first door in the corridor and open it with the green tag.

Notice the nice slides these dead people picked. Then go to your character's
right, and open the music box. Grab the key and then note the song that plays.
Karne gets it, do you? Anyway, next, move to the table and grab the pop gun and
the bioscanner. Now, careful walk up to the corpse in front of the slide
projector. As soon as you can, search him and take his green tag, then turn
around and go out the door.

Now you can walk back to the hatch, and stash the pop gun and magnetic checker
piece. Now walk over to the vac tube and give Kenzo the green tag. Switch to Kenzo, 
grab the tag, and use it on the door right next to the vac tube.

Walk a little ways in and listen to Kenzo's description of the air in here. It
certainly looks that way to, but regardless. Walk over to the stall with the
corpse in it and take the vibrobrush and everything off the corpse, including
his purple tag and his pass code. Now walk over to the other dead body and a
little beyond, switching your view. Go over to the lockers and grab the green 
tag and the dorm 2 tag. Leave the bathroom and send the vibrabrush and purple
tag to Karne.

Switch over to Karne and grab the vibrabrush and the purple tag. Then go stash
the vibrabrush in the hatch and use the purple tag on the door to open up the
library. Go over to the desk and unlock it with the key from the music box.
Grab everything you find in there and now go over to the computer and read the 
local files for some info on what was found here. As you leave this room, the 
book reading corpse will quit the book club and shuffle towards you, so exit.

Stash anything else you don't need now in the hatch (if you run out of space in
this hatch, you can backtrack all the way back to the airlock and use the locker
in there) and head towards the end of the hall with the keypad locked door. Use
the pass code that Kenzo found and you're now in the arboretum! Congrats.

Walk to the right and search the suicidal corpse, making note to read his note.
Poor guy, they got to him anyway, because you'll walk away and he'll decide he 
doesn't want to go down alone! Simply evade him, and run back to where he was
sitting. Well well well, looks like a certain someone dropped his gun. Pick it
up and fill him full of lead (5 direct shots will kill!). Also grab the altar
note he must've dropped with the gun. Circle around the fountain until you meet
your next zombie. Repeat action to last zombie and raid his body! Be sure to
grab the recorder and listen to the pass code for unlocking Matlock's door. 

Try and venture near the other exit and a new friend will pop in to visit. This
guy is called the "TriMorph" (although I think there's more than three people in
there). Just say hi to him and go back to the vac tube, being cautious because now 
another zombie will get jealous and rise from the dead. Shoot him down and
send the spare gun you just got to Kenzo. Retreat all the way back to your
airlock and then switch to Kenzo. (The reason for retreat is that even if you
are not controlling the character, time passes for them, so when that zombie
wakes up, he's going to have a nice snack of your character!)

As Kenzo, grab the gun (remember that ammo I told you to get? This is why!) and
head back to the director's office. Blow the she-zombie away and use the
computer. Go down to the Door Control and type in the pass code on the recorder
that Karne found. This will now free Matlock! Get Kenzo out into the hallway and
switch to Matlock.

Whew, finally, we get to play the girl. Anyway, search the locker in the airlock
to get a gun and a lot of ammo. Also, stash your picure and nicotine patch in
there. Go through the door, use the control panel, go through the next door.
Now, go to the tunnel on the left hand side of the screen (if you use the map,
this is the tunnel that leads to Piccadilly Circus. When you reach the hatch, 
grab the note detailing some treachery, then put it back. In the room with many
choices, head towards the corpse. Search it and grab the tag and recorder. Hmmm,
he made explosives. Well, use the tag on the door in the scene now and enter. Go
right over to the locker and grab the hack saw. Now send it over to Karne via
the vac tube next to the chemical combiner. Switch to Karne.

As Karne, make your way back to the vac tubes, being sure to dispatch or avoid
any zombies. Now grab the hacksaw and go into arboretum. Take the left this
time towards the shed. The zombie you shot down will get back up, so put him back 
down. Then use the hacksaw to open the padlock and grab the weed sprayer.

Run on back to the vac tube, open the weed sprayer to get the cartridge out,
and send that (the cartridge) to Matlock. Switch to Matlock, get the cartridge,
and put it in the chemical combiner (which is right next to it). Go over to the
computer, select the Chemical Combiner option, and add in "Hydrochloric Acid".
Now grab the cartridge out of there and send it back to Karne (and if you did
this all fast enough, he neck should not have become a new substitute for beef.)

First, switch back to Kenzo and move him all the way to his airlock. Blast any
zombies that get in the way. The reason for this will become evident in a

Switch back to Matlock, grab the cartridge. Open up the weed sprayer and pop the
cartridge back in. Now go and grab the vibrobrush from where we stashed it. Make
sure Karne has at least two free slots for this next paragraph (also keep in
mind that game will assign a 5 minute time limit to the next sequence of 

Run through the arboretum, don't bother shooting down zombies, and get right to
the entrance the recycle ante chamber. Use the weed sprayer and watch the
TriMorph go away. Go into the next chamber, and our 5 minute time limit will
start! Run to the corpse and grab the nail gun and ammo off of him. Use this
to fire at the crabs that come at you (enter combat mode and hit the left
control key once to aim down, again to shoot). This will keep them out of our
hair. Switch back to your main gun and go to the computer. Access the Recycle
option, and watch the fan turn off. Turn around just briefly to take out the
nail gun-less corpse and then climb up into the fan. Use the vibrobrush to
clean out the air filters. Go back to the computer and reselect "Recycle".
Voila, done before the time limit gets to us.

Note that now those crab things will be in the hallways at random. That's
why we just moved Kenzo into a room (a safe one at that). They can most easily
be dispatch by alternating gun shots with shin kicks (right control in combat

Now, leave the recycling room, and grab the respirator and bicycle pump off the
shelf, and beat it. On your way back to the airlock, send the respirator into
the vac tubes. Also, if you have any blue keycards, send those through too.

- -  WARNING - -
  POSITIVE ON WHAT TO DO). The following few paragraphs are what I'm doing
  now and are unverified as of yet.

Switch to Kenzo, and make your way to the vac tubes (I recommend the ones in the
director's room, since you can take out the zombie and there's only two of them
on the way there.) Have him grab his respirator and add the med key to the stuff
being sent back into the loop. Now retreat back to your airlock.

Switch to Matlock and grab everything out of the tubes (2 blue tags and the MED
key). Exit the chemlab and wonder why, when they have radios, no one told poor
Matlock that the corpses have a nasty habit of rising up to attack when your 
back is turned. Blast his zombie butt to oblivion, and then run to the door opposite 
chemlab. Go over to the storage closet and retrieve the yellow tag from
there. Send it through the tubes.

Switch to Kenzo yet again, and go to the tubes. Grab the yellow tag. Kenzo will
know remark that he can get to the InfoMesh chair to MOOD.


Unfortunately, this is as far as I have been able to get so far. I know that it
doesn't seem as complete to some of the players further in the game, but for the
really stuck people who have yet to get used to some of the conventions used in
this excellent title, it's a great start. Note that I can't remember exactly 
where I found the yellow tag. It may have been in the lockers in chemlab or it
may have been in the lockers in MedLab. Not too sure. If it's in neither of
those areas, try this. . .

Switch to Matlock. Go back the main hub and take the other blue tagged door.
This will lead you to a sterilization room with a rather bloody corpse. Search
the corpse for whatever you may need.

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